Opps 10th year Anniversary

2012 and Opps Training is now ten years old!  Through the thick and thin of economic up and down turn, Opps has been successful in supporting people in gaining new and marketable skills whilst helping employers achieve their strategic objectives.

Over those ten years Opps has never faltered from its driving force: Developing opportunities for those who may not have been able to succeed in the past.

Our portfolio embraces the Health and Social Sciences through its Affordable Housing and Health and Social Care programmes.  We also provides training on the essential components to run a successful business: Management; Business Administration and Customer Service.

Because Equality and Diversity plus Safeguarding Data are so important to our own sector of Education, Opps has developed two accredited programmes covering these essential topics, which we are able to share to organisations across all sectors.

Having just moved into newer and bigger premises I can testify to the strength of our team.  There is  nothing like a re-location to focus the mind and the fact that we are all still smiling at one another provides evidence of our willingness to ‘pull together’.

Looking to the next 10 years, we will continue to provide a first class service, delivering free training through government initiatives whilst retaining our core bespoke training. Our portfolio will always be informed by our customers and may take us to curriculum areas as yet unidentified.  Opps has lots to celebrate whilst we look back over our successful 10 years and lots to remain optimistic over when looking to the next 10 years.

Barbara Seymour, Director

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