Question: Why do I have to do Functional Skills and how do they benefit me in my job role?

Functional skills are a government requirement linked to the funding for apprenticeships, as they are paying for you to complete this award. The reasoning behind the requirement for learners to complete functional skills is to improve our numeracy and literacy skills nationally – as we are currently below European standards.

Although some may find doing maths and English challenging, it does help improve your skills and knowledge.  Most learners who have passed their maths and English functional skills exams have been extremely proud of this achievement and many have stated that it has helped them both inside and outside of the workplace. Furthermore, some learners have said that their new maths and English skills have enabled them to assist their children or grandchildren with their homework which they were previously unable to do!

Where necessary, Opps will provide tutoring in English and/or Maths to help you reach the standard required.  This is identified through learners sitting mock exams. Some apprenticeships include ICT as well as maths and English functional skills. It is possible to be exempt from having to do functional skills. If you want to know more about functional skills or apprenticeships, please feel free to get in touch.

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