Management Development

We have developed this area of business training following discussions with clients about the issues which are most relevant to their management teams and the skills which need to be addressed to improve management effectiveness.

The result is a range of courses designed to fill important skill gaps within your management team and tackle those issues which are all too frequent problems within a business.

Workshops will be delivered after a brief consultation process to ensure that all your required topics are covered.

Examples of course content includes:

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Understanding the concepts of accounting, Principles of profit and loss accounts and balance sheets, Cash forecasting, Budgeting and financial planning

Successful Recruitment

Describing the vacancy; Methods of recruiting; Interviewing; Shortlisting; Induction processes

Becoming a Better Communicator

Listening; Writing; Facilitating Meetings; Avoiding jargon; Breaking down barriers; Avoiding overload; Managing confidentiality

Effective Employee Communications

Clarity in Leadership; Actions and words; Managing Up; Face to face communication; Dealing with bad news; Cross cultural communication

The Conflict Conundrum

The world from the other side; Dealing with challenging behaviour; Avoiding aggression

Appraisal System and Delivery

Standards; Skills Mapping; Appraisal models; Delivery methods; Giving feedback

Training and Development

In-house techniques; Coaching and Mentoring; Why evaluate? Managing the cycle of Improvement

Staff Supervision

One to one meetings; Formal and informal supervision; Reporting; Action planning; Confidentiality; Counselling


Employees; Stakeholders; Clients/customers; Self Assessment Report

Working with Diversity

Putting the legislation in perspective; Responding reasonably to the law; Assessment cycles; Valuing the needs of staff and customers

Continuous Improvement

Corporate Planning; Strategy; Objectives; Key Performance Indicators; Action Planning; Impact Assessment

Working with sub-contractors

Initial evaluation; Generating qualitative data on performance; Refreshing the relationship

Not another Procedure!

The use of procedures; Tracking failure; Conducting an impact assessment of procedures on resources

Assertiveness Training

How to say ‘no’; Managing stress; Overcoming fears

Harmonious sales and production

Understanding roles; meeting client needs; negotiation skills

Please contact us to discuss bespoke workshops or one to one training.