Information Systems Consultancy

Our consultants have over sixty years experience in the computer industry ranging from computer operations through management of systems departments, to the development of applications and the management of outsourcing projects.

Their experience was gained in senior positions at blue chip companies such as BT, GEC and Sears and from consultancy projects with clients ranging from SMEs to multinational companies. Our consultancy focuses on the:

  • Implementation and management of information systems to increase control and efficiency.
  • Improving the utilisation of spreadsheet, database and other packages to increase staff productivity and improve information flows.
  • Re-organisation of systems resources to make operations more efficient and cost effective.

We work on a fixed or daily fee basis or through a retainer depending on the type of project.

Examples of consultancy projects are:

  • Developing sophisticated Excel spreadsheets and Access databases to improve the utilisation of information.
  • Creating hardware and software procurement and management strategies.
  • Analysing computerised and non computerised management information systems and planning and implementing improvements.
  • Planning the strategy for outsourcing systems activities and project managing the process.
  • Providing retained resource for the management of a company’s information systems activities.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss our Information Systems services.