Safeguarding and Prevent Action Plan 2019 – 2021


Opps Training has a duty of care to its stakeholders and to the communities within which it practices. The majority of Opps’ trainers are drawn from a Health and Social Care background and have a good understanding of the signs of abuse within the care environment., however Opps recognizes that the approach to which safeguarding is upheld has become more complex with regards to recognising and also the types of intervention. Through the use of social media, the opportunities to abuse and harm others are greater than ever.  We are also aware of the increasing understanding of coercion as a means of abuse.  Modern slavery is increasing and often difficult to recognise.  In the meantime identifying signs of radicalisation is challenging.

The number of agencies who can support an abused person are many and each must be identified and relationships secured in order to ensure a timely response to concerns that have been raised. This is a considerable piece of work since Opps covers a wide operational area.

The line between employment law and what is best placed to support an employed person who is raising a concern is still blurred for some Opps team members and therefore we must focus more on Employer Rights and Responsibilities.

This year (2019) Opps Training has committed itself to promoting Wellbeing with stakeholders as a means to building resilience to abuse and radicalisation.  This intention will require innovative approaches to attract stakeholders to engage with the themes to the benefit of themselves and others however Opps believes that the appropriate resources and training and lessen the cases of abuse.

Aim to:

Engage stakeholders in building resilience to abuses through increasing Wellbeing

Provide a safe environment for people to learn, develop and progress

Ensure that reports of abuse are dealt with correctly and effectively


Equality and Diversity Action Plan 2019 – 2021


Opps Training derived its name from Equal Opportunities.  It aspired to deliver highly accessible learning opportunities. At this time it was supporting the business aspirations of small organisations; delivering outside working hours in venues which were highly accessible to groups of business people whose diversity represented the community as a whole and bringing highly individual resources and methods of support through 1:1 and distance learning tutorials.  In   2010  Opps Training won an award for delivering training to voluntary organisations on the integration of the then new Equalities Act into their strategies and practice.  However Over the following years, when Opps began to deliver apprenticeships it became less expansive in its approach to equality and diversity and on reflection the reasons can be identified as it staying within the:

  • Standards and behaviours prescribed by the sector skills councils
  • Scope of the Equalities Act 2010.

Opps gradually moved away from its background in Lifelong Learning which had inspired its founders and this reduced its aspirations and the impact it could have had on the communities of organisations which it serves.

In 2019 each of the teams within Opps Training undertook an activity which asked each to describe its ‘intent’. This galvanised the passion that drove the teams and helped them articulate the practices they believed gave learners and their employers be best opportunities to succeed. From that point it was evident that each individual within Opps was striving to go beyond ‘inclusivity’ but that they did not have the tools and the terms of reference to support them.

Our plan aims to return to the aspirations on which it was founded and move forward into a more expansive and inspirational approach to how it provides accessible opportunities and to how it promotes inclusivity.


Sustainability Action Plan July 2018 – July 2019


“We already have all the facts and solutions. All we have to do is to wake up and change.” Greta Thunberg December 2018

Opps Training offers a service which necessitates supporting learners whilst they are in their workplaces or at outreach venues near the learners’ locale.  We supply learning resources to support the learners when they are being met by their trainer and when they are undertaking independent learning.  Fuel and paper are the main resources that Opps exploits for the benefit of its learners and therefore the main areas where the Company must make efforts to reduce usage, whilst not impacting on the learners’ positive learning experiences.

Whilst learners are supported by their trainers in the workplace, they are also supported by an operations team based at Opps’ main office in Huntingdon. The team supports all stakeholders by continually providing information; providing quality assurance and complying with regulation. Processes frequently require Opps to provide and store evidence to meet the needs of funding agencies.  Producing, disseminating and storing information and evidence of compliance is moving more towards electronic versions, however paper based documents still exist and Opps aims to ensure that an electronic version is the default rather than the paper-based.

Recycling continues to be undertaken at Opps, however areas have been identified where wastage can be limited:

  • Paper
  • Electricity
  • Plastic

It is in the areas above that Opps has based its current action plan.