Apprenticeship Standards will replace the apprenticeship frameworks (SASE) from May 2017.

Each apprenticeship will now have its own standard and assessment plan. The changes have been designed by employers within the industry to ensure that apprenticeships are providing the skills and knowledge that is required

The new standards:

  • Specify the length of an apprenticeship will be at least 12 months
  • Will rigorously challenge the apprentice to ensure they gain the necessary skills and knowledge for their industry
  • Be linked to specific occupations and levels
  • Will cover knowledge, skills and behaviours
  • Require all apprentices to develop their English and maths skills
  • Introduce a ‘gateway’ to end point assessment
  • Prepare the apprentice for the new end point assessment

End Point Assessment

End point assessment is replacing the ongoing and continuous assessment of the old frameworks.

By introducing the end point assessment, trainers and employers can now dedicate their time to ensuring that apprentices gain the skills and knowledge necessary – and gain more experience before they are assessed.

Once the trainer and employer decide the apprentice is ready, they will be put forward for the end point assessment. This is known as the gateway. End-point assessment will be delivered by an Independent End Assessor, from an assessment organisation which is on the Register of Apprentice Assessment Organisations (RoAAO).

The new Apprenticeship Path

  • Initial Assessment
  • On Programme Training
  • Gateway
  • End Point Assessment
  • Certification
  • Occupational Competence

For further information about the changes to Apprenticeships please contact us.