Coaching and mentoring are increasingly popular ways for business people to receive advice and guidance on a one to one basis. They offer the route to understanding methods and processes to improve performance.

So what is the difference between coaching and mentoring?

Mentors have an in-depth understanding and experience of the type of business that the person they are mentoring is working in. As a result they bring specific knowledge to the issues being faced and provide focussed guidance on this basis.

A coach works with the person being coached to develop their practice, build on their capabilities and maximise their potential. The coach understands the general skills and techniques that need to be applied to the specific role and works with the person being coached to develop them.

Opps has successfully provided coaches and mentors for supervisors, managers and directors using a team of consultants with substantial experience in a range of businesses.

Specific coaching assignments have included:

  • Developing leadership and management techniques
  • Improving sales skills
  • Understanding the basics of business finance
  • Time management
  • Developing supervisory skills

The process of coaching and mentoring is an intensive one. Sessions are short but have a decisive impact on an individual’s business practice.

Our coaching and mentoring services are charged on an hourly basis. Please contact us if you would like to discuss these services.